Kelly heads to the historic Lexington, Kentucky Keeneland Racecourse for the 34th Annual National Conference on Equine Law.

Conference topics include: Legal Ethics for the Equine Law Attorney; Updates on Sports Gambling; Equine Syndications & the New SEC Offering Rules; Equine Activity Liability Act Updates; Legal Issues in Hosting an Equine Clinic; Equine Law Federal Legislative Update; Equine Tax Law; Medication & Doping Hearings; and, Ownership Disputes.

“As professionals, attorneys are obligated to attend a certain number of continuing education hours per year. I find it imperative to focus that instruction on material that will directly benefit my clients. Here, at the National Conference on Equine Law, attendees learn from the best of the best in the Equine Law profession. I’m excited to bring this knowledge back to my clients in South Carolina.”