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Veterinarian Malpractice

Unfortunately, horses are oftentimes harmed because of a veterinarian’s incompetence, mistake, or carelessness. When this happens, many owners are confused regarding what recourse they have against their animal’s veterinarian. Not all medical errors are malpractice, and even when an animal’s condition worsens after treatment, the owner may still not have a claim for veterinary malpractice.

Generally, veterinary malpractice includes: a veterinarian-patient-client relationship; a failure by the veterinarian to meet the requisite professional standard of care that resulted in an injury to the animal, it’s death, or worsened condition; and, as a result of that injury, death, or worsened condition, the animal’s owner has experienced some type of harm-normally, monetary damages.

If you believe your horse has been harmed by a misdiagnosis, has been prescribed the wrong course of treatment, or, treatment of your horse was ceased by the veterinarian while your horse still needed veterinarian attention, please consider consulting an equine attorney to review your case.

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