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Injury to Horse

Although the majority of horse owners see their equine partners as beloved family members, unfortunately, in the eyes of the law, horses are considered mere property. This legal determination can be frustrating for owners, especially when their horse has been injured by another party, or by another animal.

Horse owners, however, are not without recourse when their animal has been harmed, especially when harmed by an equine professional who has taken on the responsibility for the horse’s care, custody, and control. Facility owners and equine professionals oftentimes attempt to avoid liability by including an exculpatory clause within their service contacts. Careful consideration, however, must be made when drafting these types of provisions to ensure their enforceability.

If your horse has been injured while in someone else’s care, or you are a service provider who is interested in reducing their exposure to liability, contact Kelly to get the peace of mind your deserve.

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