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Farm & Equine Insurance Law

Let’s all be honest, who actually reads their insurance policy? Most likely, very few of us. Those in the equine industry are oftentimes too busy to review and understand their horse’s medical and mortality policy, their equine business insurance policy, their equestrian facility’s commercial liability insurance policy, or, their professional malpractice coverage.

The time to know what is covered under your policy is not when you need to make a claim. Having Kelly review and interpret your policy’s language can save time, money, and anguish when an event occurs which requires you to make an insurance claim.

Some questions that Kelly has been able to assist clients in answering include:

  • What specific exclusions apply to my policy;
  • Does my commercial liability insurance policy cover horses kept at my facility, even though my policy has an exclusion for “property owned by another”;
  • Will my horse’s mortality policy cover his expense when I opt for euthanasia, even though he may be pasture sound and not in constant pain;
  • What will happen if I fail to disclose prior conditions on my insurance application;
  • Will my malpractice insurance cover me at hearings before my licensing board;
  • Does my commercial liability policy cover damage or injury caused by an employee; and,
  • Do the benefits of having insurance outweigh the cost of my policy when considering my exposure to liability.

Kelly can not only help interpret your policy’s language before coverage is needed, but she can also assist in a dispute with the insurer when coverage has been denied.

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