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Estate Management

It’s never easy contemplating your own death or incapacitation, especially when questions like, “Who will take care of my horses or my farm in my absence?” arise. Whether you are in need of a comprehensive estate plan to protect high valued assets, or help with creating a simple will or trust, there are a number of unique considerations when your estate planning involves horses or horse property.

Understanding what type of estate planning vehicle is best suited to your particular situation and goals can be confusing, more so when considering who will provide the continued care of an animal that has outlived you, who, if anyone, will carry on in your equine business, or what will become of your horse property in the event of your death or disability.

Kelly’s experience as an equestrian, and her knowledge of estate management, can give you the peace of mind that your estate will be handled the way you want it to be: with the welfare of your horses kept paramount.

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I personally know the challenges that come with both horse ownership, and equine businesses. Let's work together to solve your problems.