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Equine Employment Law

Employment law is a collection of law that regulate the relationships between employers and employees, and stipulate when an employee can work and what an employer must pay for the employee for that work.

The equine industry includes a number of different types of employment classifications which can be confusing to most. Whether you own a large operation with hundreds of employees, or are a private facility with just a small group of workers, you may benefit from speaking with an equine attorney about whether your operation is fulfilling it’s employment law obligations.

Kelly can assist clients in answering questions like:

  • Will I be liable for unemployment compensation taxes on my employee’s wages, or is his work exempt under state law from unemployment insurance requirements;
  • Will I be responsible for my groom’s actions when she caused an injury to a client’s horse?
  • Can the foreigner I hired as an assistant trainer be qualified under the Immigration and Nationality Act?
  • Am I obligated to pay my grooms and exercise riders the Fair Labor Standards Act mandated one-and-a-half rate for overtime?

Navigating employment law within the equine industry can be like trying to find a horseshoe lost on a cross country course. With Kelly’s help, you can make sure that your business is running by the book, and stay averse from any of the pitfalls that come with employees in the horse industry.

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