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Equestrian Real Estate & Land Usage

You have found that perfect piece of land to build your dream farm on, or have found an already existing equestrian facility that is actually within your price range. Before signing on the dotted line, it is imperative that you speak with an attorney who is experienced in not only real estate purchases and land sale contracts, but one with the knowledge and understanding of the complexities involved when that purchase involves horses or equestrian pursuits.

Some additional considerations when purchasing a piece of equestrian property or expanding upon an existing property include:

  • Whether the land is zoned for equestrian use such as riding lessons, training, boarding or horse shows;
  • Whether an equine business will violate the area’s restrictive covenants;
  • Whether a permit is required to expand an existing facility when the project includes land excavation;
  • Whether the stable will cause a nuisance to it’s neighbors;
  • Whether the number of horses kept at the facility is a violation of city health codes;
  • Whether the boarding stable is considered “agricultural use” for zoning purposes; and,
  • Whether an existing facility can continue to function when the surrounding area is now zoned residential.

Kelly can help answer these and other questions that clients may have surrounding an equine real estate purchase or facility development. Kelly can also negotiate, draft and review the terms of the sale contract, clear existing liens on the property, and attend closing. These are just a handful of the ways having a knowledgeable equine lawyer can help give you peace of mind when purchasing your future farm.

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