March 1st, 2019 — Kelly MacQueen, Esq. is opening a law office, MacQueen Equine Law, in Bluffton, SC with the mission to provide legal insight to horse owners throughout South Carolina.

A lifelong horse owner, Kelly has been involved with horsemanship since her first fox hunt at 8 years old. She received her bachelor’s degree with honors from Michigan State University in 2004 after which she spent 10 years working in Savannah Georgia in various legal capacities, including deputy court clerk, judicial case manager, and juvenile probation officer. In 2012, Kelly became co-owner of Equine Sports Medicine & Chiropractic Care, a veterinary clinic in Estill, SC.

Kelly is seeking to combine her passion for horses, knowledge of the legal system, and entrepreneurial spirit in the opening of her own law practice. During the time she spent running her vet clinic, Kelly realized the growing need for equine lawyers to serve the increasingly nuanced horse community. With her experience of being a horse woman and equine business owner, as well as her dedicated pursuit of legal knowledge, Kelly is well-suited to navigate the subtleties of equine law.

At MacQueen Equine Law, we understand how powerful the relationships are between horses and their humans. That is why we strive to build lasting connections with a selective client base in order to provide the highest quality of equine legal services.

To learn more or to request a consultation with MacQueen Equine Law, please visit or call us at 803.625.0321