Meet Kelly

After working in the Savannah, Georgia court system in various capacities, from judicial case manager to juvenile probation officer, Kelly decided to combine her passion for the law and for horses. At this time, Kelly embarked on her legal career, co-founded Equine Sports Medicine & Chiropractic Care, LLC, a state of the art sports medicine veterinary practice, and purchased a 30 acre, 35 stall equestrian facility that she and her husband, Dr. Mitch Lowrey, have transformed into an equine rehabilitation center located in the Low Country of South Carolina.

Besides being an avid rider and equestrian, Kelly has a unique perspective into the equine industry through her veterinary practice and equestrian facility ownership. Kelly understands the personal connection clients have to the subject matter of litigation- the horse itself, or the equine business- and enjoys having a limited clientele in order to be easily accessible to clients, and personally manage their cases from start to finish.

Currently, Kelly is of counsel for Medalist Legal, a Phoenix, Arizona based law firm which is consistently ranked as one of the top real estate law firms in Arizona and has over 30 years of litigation experience.

When Kelly isn’t practicing law you can find her in the show ring with her Half-Arabians, out fox hunting with her Hanoverian, running a half marathon with her husband, or involved in some sort of remodeling or landscaping project around her farm.

Kelly is licensed to practice in the states of South Carolina, Arizona, and Georgia.

How Can I Help?

I personally know the challenges that come with both horse ownership, and equine businesses. Let's work together to solve your problems.